You are late for your period and not sure what to do. Where should you turn for reliable answers? Here is why Image Point Mobile Medical Unit is the best place for you to choose:

    1. Image Point can verify your pregnancy at no cost to you. First, you will receive a free, early, high-quality pregnancy test. However, since close to 1/3 of all early pregnancies end because of natural processes, such as miscarriage, even the best pregnancy tests do not show if the pregnancy is viable (or will continue.) In order to determine viability, Image Point can perform an early, obstetric ultrasound, again at no charge.
    2. Before making a decision as to the outcome of a pregnancy, it is crucial to know exactly how far along the pregnancy is. Image Point’s early ultrasounds can give you that vital information.
    3. Image Point provides free testing and treatment of chlamydia and gonorrhea for those who test positive for pregnancy.  Since abortion can be an invasive procedure, it can take these dangerous conditions and pull them from the outside of the body into the cervix, where they can drastically affect your reproductive health, as well as your life.
    4. Image Point is mobile.  Currently serving Yakima, Ellensburg and their surrounding areas.

The reasons go on and on. Summing up: you can receive all the information you need in one hour-long appointment to make the best choice for you concerning your pregnancy, all at no cost!

Please call us for a confidential appointment at (509) 452-0543, or use our online appointment calendar. (See right hand column.)

*Currently the mobile unit can only be found at special events promoting awareness.  A launch of the unit is scheduled to take place January 2016.  Please continue to visit this site for updates.